Top 10 Tourist Places in Kolhapur

If you are in Kolhapur city or nearby, then there are the best tourist places worth to visit. These Kolhapur tourist places attract lots of tourists from Maharashtra, India and even from foreign countries.

Why most people get attracted to Kolhapur tourism?

Basically, there are four reasons:-

1) Easy to Reach – Tourist can easily reach Kolhapur city via Roads, Railway and Air network. Kolhapur city is well connected to major highways and major cities in India.

2) Weather – The climate of Kolhapur city is very pleasant because the temperature is not very harsh in summer(max 42)  and chilly in winter (max 15) while monsoon is the best time to explore waterfalls, mountains, and valleys in and around Kolhapur.

3) Economical Place – The Kolhapur is a very economical place to stay, eat and travel as compared to other tourist places in India.

4) Multidimensional city – The city has something or other for many tourist like Natural surroundings, Historical places, Lake, Museum, Zoo, Ancient temples, Hill stations, Forts, Waterfalls, Wildlife Sanctuary, Shopping places, Various eatery joints, and on top of all these, Goa and Pune are easily accessible and are just 200 KM away.

History about Kolhapur City

We see the reference to Kolhapur in an ancient text Devi Gita which is the final and key chapter of the Devi-Bhagavata Purana, a special text of Shaktism.

A Kolhapur is noted as a place of Kollamma worship.

In the text, Devi says, “O King of Mountains, still I am now telling something out of My affection to My Bhaktas that there is a great place of pilgrimage named Kollapura in the southern country, here the Devi Ambabai always dwells.”

So as per this ancient Sanskrit literature, it seems a history of Kolhapur city dates back to thousands of year old.

Also, a Kolhapur city is very well known in Indian historical events.

A Kolhapur city is located on the banks of Panchganga River and is surrounded by Sahyadri valleys and Mountains and it is very well known for its historic Architecture like hundreds of year old fort, thousands of year old temple, royal palace, etc.

It is one of the best places to visit if you are in Maharashtra and worth to take out some time and explore places in and around Kolhapur.

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Top 5 Tourist places to visit in Kolhapur

The following are top tourist places in Kolhapur city

Top 5 Tourist places to visit nearby Kolhapur

The following are tourist places nearby Kolhapur and worth to visit

Shri Jotiba Temple
Panhala Fort and Hill Station
Kaneri Math ( also called Siddhagiri Math)
Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary ( also called Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary)
Narobawadi Datta Mandir

What are the specialties of Kolhapur

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Where to stay in Kolhapur

There are the best accommodations in Kolhapur city that suits all budgets.

Check out Best 4 Star and 5-star Hotels to stay in Kolhapur.

Budget accommodation near Mahalakshmi Temple

Best non-vegetarian Restaurants in Kolhapur

If you are non-vegetarian then you should try these places as there are top rated and popular places.

Other places to visit around Kolhapur

Marleshwar Shiva Temple and waterfall

Chandoli National Park

Panhala fort and hill station