Information about Marleshwar Temple and Waterfall

One of the very ancient temples near Kolhapur (around 93 KM) is the Marleshwar Shiva Temple. The date of formation of this cave temple is not known but it is must visit place near Kolhapur.

The shivling is self-originated in the cave so it is called as Swayambhu (Svayambhu is a Sanskrit word that means “self-manifested” or “that is created by its own”).

This cave temple is surrounded by very beautiful lush green mountains and the view is very charming during the monsoon season.

The small and big waterfalls on the way (amba ghat) and also at Marleshwar add a glory to the view.

This cave temple at a hill is dedicated to Lord Shiva and people need to climb 300 to 500 steps to reach the temple. Tourist would get various refreshment shops on the way

If you really want to enjoy the tranquil and beauties of the Mother Nature then visit in the month of Sept because you will not face monsoon, this region gets heavy rainfall as it is part of Konkan.

In the month of Sept and even during the first few days of Oct one would get the best view. One can really feel the peace at this place.

Visit Marleshwar Waterfall

The Marleshwar or Dharleshwar waterfall is also present at this location and it originates from the river Bav. This is one of the best waterfalls to see during the rainy season with a lot of scenic beauty. Also, you will see a lot of small waterfalls on the way during the rainy season.

What is Special about Marleshwar Temple

People found many snakes freely roaming in the cave and around the shivling but not heard of any news of accidents till now.

The big festival is celebrated during Makar Sankranti and the Marleshwar village celebrate the wedding of lord Marleshwar (the name of Lord Shiva to Goddess Girijadevi).

Also during Mahashivratri, this unique cave temple draws a lot of devotees and also during the month of Shrawan and Nagpanchami devotees visit this place.

How to reach to Marleshwar

The distance from Kolhapur to Marleshwar is 93 KM.

If you have a vehicle then you can drive from Kolhapur via Panhala, Ambha ghat, and Marleshwar.

There are buses from Kolhapur central bus stand but not sure about exact timings so enquire about it at the bus depot.

Some people catch the Ratnagiri bus and get down at Devrukh which is 19 km from Marleshwar but this is the long route and the shorter route is through Panhala, Amba Ghat so you can enquire accordingly at the bus depot.

Where to stay at Marleshwar

Staying around this place is really provides great peace and great view especially in Amba Ghat which is 40 km from Marleshwar.

Tourists also plan to stay, during Monsoon season, at Amba Ghat and also at Devrukh, Ganpatipule, Sangmeshwar, and Ratnagiri.

The Best time to visit Marleshwar

If you want to enjoy the real beauty of Marleshwar waterfalls then plan the trip during the rainy season. You can also enjoy various small waterfalls on the way to Marleshwar during the rainy season.

If you want to enjoy the real lush green mountains and scenery then you can also plan to visit in the month of Sept to Oct.

Marleshwar Trekkers Paradise

This place also attracts a lot of trekkers from Maharastra.

A trek through Chiplun to reach Marleshwar Temple is a 3-day journey from Helwak through Chandoli Forest. Since it is not a one day trek, the destinations are broken down. One the first day, the trekkers may cover Ram Ghal, Bhairav Gad, and Patharpunj Village.

The second day may include reaching Prachit Gad through the dense Chandoli Forest and Chandel Village and on the third day, one can cover Kundi Village, Mahimar Gad, and Marleshwar.

Address –

The Marleshwar Temple is located at Maral village near Sangameshwar in Ratnagiri district.

Nearby places to visit

One of the ancient temples in India is located at Kolhapur –Mahalakshmi Temple

Best place to visit during the evening and also to taste mouth-watering delicious is Rankala Lake

Panhala fort is again one of the frequently visited places during monsoon and summer.

Ganpatipule – The famous Ganapati temple. This is 77 KM from Marleshwar and 25 KM from Ratnagiri.

Chiplun has famous Parashurama temple which is 85 KM from Marleshwar.

Ratnagiri is at 63 KM.