Information about Chandoli National Park

The Chandoli National Park is an unexplored and beautiful National Park near Kolhapur and it is just 78 km from Kolhapur city in Maharastra.

The Chandoli National Park is a natural World Heritage Site which spreads 317.67 km2 (122.65 sq mi) established in May 2004.

Earlier it was a Wildlife Sanctuary declared in 1985.

The diversified vegetation found here makes it an ideal habitat for different species of mammals, reptiles, and birds.

UNESCO declared the park as a World Heritage Centre.

The Chandoli National park is in the western part of the state of Maharashtra at a junction of four Districts i.e. Kolhapur, Satara, Sangli Districts of Maharashtra State, India

If you are a nature lover, loves wildlife, birds, different species, lakes, waterfall, etc then the Chandoli National park is a must-visit place near Kolhapur.

It lies between the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary and forms the southern part of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve.

The park receives its water supply from the Warna river and reservoir and several other small streams and rivers.

Several conservation programs are being taken to conserve the flora and fauna in Chandoli National Park.

The local tourism department, the government, as well as various wildlife agencies, undertake conservation works.

A Warna is the main river, and it originates in the sanctuary area at Patharapunj and dividing the sanctuary area into two parts i.e. north and south and dam is constructed on this river at Chandoli Village.

The distance from Chandoli Village to Chandoli National park is 52 km. Camping, trekking, sightseeing and jungle safari are the major adventures in the Chandoli National park.

The wildlife includes Tigers, Bison, Deer, Leopard cats, Panthers, Sloth bears, Barking deer, Mouse deer and there are also around 123 species of birds in the forest.

The Chandoli National park is strictly reserved for the betterment of the wildlife & biodiversity, and where activities like developmental, forestry, poaching, hunting and grazing on cultivation are not permitted.

The Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, including all of Chandoli National Park and Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, was declared by The National Tiger Conservation Authority as a Project Tiger, Tiger Reserve on May 21, 2007.

Animals Found in Chandoli National Park

Nearly 23 species of mammals, 122 species of birds, 20 species of amphibians and reptiles are known to be resident in the forests of Chandoli.

Tigers, Indian bison or gaur Bos gaurus, sambar Cervus unicolor, leopard cats, Prionailurus bengalensis, sloth bears, Melursus ursinus andIndian giant squirrels, Matura indica are quite noticeable here.

Many species like barking deer, Muntiacus muntjak, mouse deer are also common.

A census carried out in the Year 2002 by the Forest Department showed a rise in the number of Tigers, Leopards Panthera, Pardus, Gaur, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Sloth Bears, and Blackbuck.

Some more unusual species of wildlife that can be seen in this sanctuary are Indian giant squirrel, wild dog, common grey, hornbill.

Major Attractions in Chandoli National Park

Chandoli Dam and Reservoir

The Dam of Warna reservoir is an important attraction of the tourist in Chandoli Wildlife Sanctuary. Dam is constructed across the Warna river hence it is called Warna Dam.

The spread of water reservoir is 45 Sagar Reservoir is located in the heart of Chandoli Wildlife Sanctuary.

The capacity of the water reservoir is 34 TMC. In summer the water storage of the reservoir is quite high as about 6.81 TMC. Tourist can observe the natural sense as well as the cultural beauty of the Chandoli dam.

Historic Attractions:
The historical places are 17th-century Prachitgad and Bhairavgad forts of Maratha kings of Shivajiraje and Sambhaji Maharaj. Scenic points like Kokan darshan, Zolambi sada, virgin forest of Rundiv add to the amusement value of sanctuary.

Prachitgad Fort

Most of the protected area was used as an open jail for the “prisoners of war” during Shivaji Maharaj’s rule.

The ruins of Bhavani temples palatial buildings buildings in Prachitigad and kalavantin vihir show the historic wonder.

Sambhaji raje used Prachitgad as observation point and mainly as recreational place.
Scenic places like Kandhar doh and its falls, Tanali falls and Vasant sagar reservoir is the places of tourist importance.

Kandhar doh Falls
It is another tourist attraction in Chandoli Wildlife Sanctuary. It is associated beauty of nature. Height of these waterfalls is 150 mts. It is steep slope and tourist can watch beauty during the rainy season.

This fall is in the middle of Chandoli Zoo, hence surrounded by dense forest. This Fall starts with a ‘U’ shaped hill. It is next to the Chandoli Dam.

Things to do at Chandoli National Park

There are various activities one can engage inside the Chandoli National park like adventurous safaris, trekking, exploring temples, historic places, etc are the things you can do inside the Chandoli National park.

Traveling in a jeep safari

The most delightful of thing to do in Chandoli park is to go on a jeep safari with the assistance of a park guide.

A fearless safari tour on those dusty tracks and amid the lush greens of the park is sure to take you on an experience of a lifetime.

The thrill of spotting animals roam free in their natural habitat is beyond compare.

The Chandoli provides guided safari tours where knowledgeable forest experts accompany you in your safari vehicle and keep you informed about the tiniest of details about the park, including where to spot which animal or bird at what time.

Watch various types of birds
The Chandoli National Park is a home for many birds population but in fact, the tourist finds some rare species here in the sanctuary and this is the reason many bird watchers and photographer visit this place regularly.

A guided tour inside the forest reserve can help you spot many of these beautiful creatures with ease.

Boating in the Tulsi Lake
Boating is one of the main attraction at Chandoli National Park other than watching animals and many birds and one can do boating in a serene lake named as Tulsi Lake in the middle of the park provides excellent opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of the park while rowing away.

How to reach Chandoli National Park

The distance from Kolhapur to Chandoli National Park is 75 KM.

One needs to take permission from the forest dept office to access the forest and tourist get it within few minutes.

By Air: The nearest airport to Chandoli is at Kolhapur 75 km away, followed by the Pune airport (210 km), and the Mumbai airport (380 km).

By Rail: Sangli is the nearest railway junction from Chandoli located 75 km away. Other nearby railway stations are at Miraj (83 km), Kolhapur (80 km), and Karad (47 km).

By Road: Chandoli is well connected to major towns in Maharashtra like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Satara, Kolhapur. One can avail the regular bus service run by MSRTC or hire private/shared taxis to get to Chandoli National Park at economical rates.

How to Drive
You can reach Chandoli by taking National Highway NH4.
• MSRTC Buses and private cars are available from Kolhapur
• From Sangli/Miraj – Take Sangli Pune Road and cross Peth Naka without taking turn.
• From Mumbai/Pune – Take right turn below Peth Naka flyover (Sangli district).
• From Bangalore – Take the left turn at Peth Naka(Sangli district).

Entry Fees for Chandoli National Park

The entry charges for Chandoli sanctuary are INR 50 – per head and INR 150 – per gypsy or private vehicle that needs to enter.

Hiring a guide is mandatory inside the park and will cost you on an average INR 300/- per safari.

The guide takes you through major spots in the jungle. (These are the old details; need to verify these details once you visit the office).

What is the Best time to visit Chandoli National park

The best time to visit is from Oct to Dec but some people visit during or immediately after the monsoon to enjoy the nature of forest including waterfalls and exploring wildlife.

If there is heavy rainfall in Sept, then you can avoid visiting this place because this place gets heavy rainfall. June and July months get heavy rainfall in this area.

The Right Time to visit jungle for animal spotting is between 6-8 am & then 4-6 pm. You will find a wide range of animals including wild cats in the jungle.

The forest department can provide the best guidance about your visit and time and the contact details are as follows

 The latest information about the forest department –

Deputy Conservator of Forests
Address – Wildlife, Bindu chowk, Ganji Galli, Kolhapur. 416 002 India
Phone – 91-231-2542766

Helwak Range Forest Office (Chandoli National Park)
Address: Koyna-Helwak Rd, Gokul tarf helwak, Maharashtra 415207
Phone: 02372 284 200


Accommodation can be reserved at the Irrigation Rest House, which has 4 suites, including 1 VIP suite and a dormitory for 16 persons.

Booking contact – Ex. Engineer, Irrigation Department at Mandur, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, 416 002

Deputy Conservator of Forests/Wildlife, Bindu chowk, Ganji Galli, Kolhapur

Maharashtra, 416 002 Phone: 00-91-231-2542766

There are hotels like Hotel Panorama, Summer Plaza Resort and Prospect Hotel near Chandoli National Park

There are no big restaurants in Chandoli. Best place to Eat is Ameen home food. He cooks wonderful homemade non-veg food.

Tourist Attraction around Chandoli Wildlife Sanctuary:
• Battis Shirala,
• Agashiva cave,
• Sadashivgad,
• Machindragad.