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Top 5 famous Kolhapur Bhel center

The Kolhapur city is famous among foody people who love to enjoy different food items and one of them is Kolhapuri Bhel.

In the following section, I have posted top Bhel centers of Kolhapur.

Rajabhau Bhel

In Kolhapur, you will find a lot of bhel joints but there is one bhel place and is very well known and it is “Rajabhau Bhel” founded by Rajabhau Shinde in the year 1965 and looked by Ravindra Shinde.

The Rajabhau Bhel is located near Khasbaug ground next to the Keshavrao Bhosale Natyagruh. As per the latest information, it is open all days of the week except Thursday and starts at 4 PM and closes at 11 PM.

Special garlic and green chilly chutney for the tangy spice and a children’s special bhel.


The Rajabhau Bhel is also called as All India Special Bhel.

For tourists and natives, it is a must visit. It’s run by the second generation now.

The current owner Ravindra Shinde said, “A lot depends on how you treat and the way you serve your customers. The homemade ingredients and garlic and green chilly chutney give the bhel a spicy flavor.


Rajkamal Special Bhel

It is located at Rankala Lake Chowpatty

Rajkamal Special Bhel is the hotspot for tourists who come to visit the Rankala lake.

It has been popular among bhel lovers of the city.

The specialty is the time pass bhel in which there are nine different layers of a mixture.



Sharada Cafe Bhel started in 1962

The bhel is made of thin flattened rice and not puffed rice and located at Lakshmipuri Area.

The Bhel made from thin flattened rice is our specialty.

The Jain special bhel is also very popular. Our bhel comes in little dry form and that’s why it can stay fresh for a longer time and is healthy as well.

Family Special Bhel, started in 1993

The specialty is the bhel is made by using dates and tamarind water which makes it stand special among all bhel varieties.

It is located at Tarabai Park, near MSEB Office.

It is famous for the khatta-mouth taste of the bhel. The perfectly garnished Bhelpuri, a mixture of bhel and panipuri is also quite in demand here.

Milee Bhel started in 1984

This bhel joint is located at Rajarampuri.  Milee Special Bhel continues to serve the customers and offers customized treats.

Although it’s in its second generation, the founder himself operates the store every day.

Owner Abdul Gani says, “While making bhel, we just keep in mind the customers’ requirement and that’s where our specialty lies.”


Please note –  I have posted this information as per the latest data. If anybody has visited any new places or any experience, please let us know and we will add them here.

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