Kolhapur Specialties and famous things

I came across various people who are eager to know the famous things of Kolhapur city in terms of food, hotels, and things in short people are very keen to explore the well-known things and items in Kolhapur.

So thought to compose the list of around 10 famous things in Kolhapur

The following is the list of special items in Kolhapur

About Kolhapur Food

As the Kolhapur city is famous for its historical monuments and temples it is also well known for special food dishes and snacks, for example, Kolhapuri Misal, Kolhapuri Bhel, and Non-veg food are some of the very popular food enjoyed in Kolhapur. Generally it is considered that Kolhapuri food is very spicy food, but in fact, it is not that spicy but nowadays hotels are keeping it as an option and serving mild food and snacks for tourist.

So in the following section, I have mentioned some of the top food joints in Kolhapur. If you are in Kolhapur or planning to visit then visit at least once to these food joints.

Kolhapuri Missal :

A Kolhapuri Missal is one of the most famous dishes in Kolhapur city. A Kolhapuri Missal is a delicious dish in terms of spicy and tasty. This dish is not an exactly breakfast item because people prefer to eat it even during lunch and evening time or even during dinner time.

So people who like to have tasty and spicy item will definitely love Kolhapuri Missal.

This dish is made up of sprouted Mutki, Chivada, Shev, onion, potato, and on top of all, they pour spicy liquid. It is the very tasty dish and one of my favorite as well.

If you are interested to taste the Authentic Missal in Kolhapur then visit Top 5 missal hotels in Kolhapur


Kolhapuri Bhel

The Kolhapur city is famous for its missal taste but Kolhapuri bhel is also not behind and very famous for its spicy and tangy flavor and it is very popular among natives and tourists. Most of them prefer it eat it during evening time.

Though you would get bhel at many places in Kolhapur following are few very old places serving bhel with unique taste and very much well known.

If you want to taste the Bhel from Kolhapur’s top bhel joints then visit Five best Kolhapur bhel places


Kolhapuri Chappal

Kolhapuri chappals are world famous for its complex and detail look.  It is a major handicraft industry the employs over 20,000 craftspersons in the district. The Kolhapur chappals are flat and complicated and detail patterned handcrafted leather footwear traditionally made in Kolhapur city and nearby places.


Kolhapuri Lavni (dance)

Lavani is a special type of dance which consists of special types of steps and traditional Classical steps with typical Songs. Some people call it a folk dance of Kolhapur.  The Kings and Rulers of Kolhapur were getting entertained with this type of singing and dancing. It is a special type of art which is now preserved through some families and groups only.

Often stage shows happening in and around Kolhapur to keep the spirit of Kolhapuri Tradition alive. Ladies performing Lavani dress beautifully with navwari saree (a saree longer than usual) and wear heavy ethic jeweler. They present a typical body language to relate with the ongoing performance. Usually, the whole of a show is based on a particular theme and the entire artist blend into the theme so beautifully that it becomes an everlasting memory for the audience.

On youtube, you will get various lavani shows.


Kolhapuri Non-Veg food

There are a lot of non-veg food hotels in Kolhapur but in the following section, I have mentioned once which are visited most and rated top among by various people.

Though you will get all types of food in Kolhapur if you are a non-vegetarian then you should try Kolhapur non-vegetarian meal. You should taste Tambada rassa and Pandhara rassa, dry and fried mutton, and mutton pickle. Kheema Balls Rice is also well known as a special dish as Golyachi Biryani.

Tambada Rassa is a mutton soup generally hot & spicy, red in color, while Pandhara Rassa is Mutton soup prepared by using white coconut milk and hot spices without chilly.

Tambda & Pandhara Rassa are served along with the main course as accompaniments.

Kolhapuri mutton masala & Mutton sukke (dry) are tender pieces of lamb meat cooked in a traditional way with special kolhapuri chutneys & masalas.

There is also a trend to eat authentic non-veg food at household eateries (khanavals)  which are mainly served in thalis .

If you are near Kolhapur central bus stand or Railway station then nearest food joint where all types of restaurant are present is Ayodhya Park complex where you will find all types of restaurants.

Check out  Top 10 Non-veg hotels to explore in Kolhapur


Kolhapur Powadas :

The Powada (Marathi: पोवाडा) is a type of Marathi poetry sing in an exciting style used to narrate historical events in an inspiring manner. The composer-cum-singers of the powadas are called as Shahirs. In Kolhapur, powadas are used to sing historical events of Shri Shivaji Maharaj and other kings and historical events from Maharashtra.

You will find various Kolhapur Powadas in youtube


Wrestling in Kolhapur

In India, the biggest wrestling stadium is in Kolhapur, Maharashtra and it is called as Kashbaug maidan (stadium) and it is heritage place as well.

Khasbaug Maidan (full name- Rajarshi Shahu Khasbaug Maidan) – Khasbag Stadium is a national wrestling stadium in Kolhapur city. The stadium was built in the time of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj and is almost a hundred-year-old stadium.

Khasbag stadium, also known as Khasbaug Maidan (Ground), is 1 km from Mahalaxmi Temple and 8 Km from Central Bus Stand of Kolhapur.

The structure flaunts a seating arrangement for about 30,000 people around a Wrestling Ring. Special seating is available for the members of the royal family of Kolhapur on the east side of the wrestling ring.


Wrestlers from Kolhapur who have won awards nationally and internationally
Khasbha Jadhav India’s first Olympic medalist in an individual category won the bronze medal in the year 1952 at Helsinki Games in wrestling.
Dadu Chougule Hind Kesari
Shreepati Khanchnale First Hind Kesari


Kolhapuri Turban (also called pheta in Marathi)

Pheta (Feta) i.e. Turban is a specialty in Kolhapur. Wearing a turban is considered as a highly respectful way to treat people and is a customary honor to the guest who comes from other place is welcomed by the offering him to wear the traditional Kolhapur turban.

Actually, the turban is a long cloth off 3.5 to 6 meters. It is the specific Saffron color is most choice for Kolhapuri turbans.


Kolhapuri Nauwari Saari  :

Every Maharashtrian Woman has a strong desire to wear a nauvari sari from Kolhapur, but it is not very popular because it is difficult to wear.  you can google to find more information about Nauwari Saari.

Kolhapuri Jaggery :

Kolhapur Jaggery is a sweet item which is a concentrated product of sugarcane juice and the color vary from golden brown to dark brown. Kolhapuri Jaggery is very popular in Maharastra, so tourist mostly purchases the jaggery whenever they visit Kolhapur.  The Maharashtra state in India is the largest producer and consumer of jaggery.


Kolhapuri Kanda (onion) Lasun (garlic) Chatni:

It is one of the very famous spicy chatni in Kolhapur prepared by Onion, Garlic, and red chili and it has a very special taste. It is very frequently used in non-veg and veg dishes.

It can also be eaten by curd and roti with the pickle.



Kolhapuri Mardani  Khel (sport):

As Kolhapur is known to its great warrior and kings, the history has left with some warrior sports like Dandpatta, Lathi-Kathi and Talwarbaji are very famous mardani khel.


Kolhapuri Jewelry – Necklace

Though there are various types of jewelries are present in Kolhapur city but there is one special type of Jewelry which is very popular and famous and it is called as Kolhapuri saaj and it is nothing but a necklace. This piece of jewel is over 60 years now and has transformed into various patterns and designs over the past few decades as shown in below Kolhapuri saaj pictures.

Kolhapuri saaj has special importance for Maharashtrian women. Now in modern life most of the people doesn’t know the importance and information of necklace. Women just bring kolhapuri saaj from market and wear. But they dont know why the kolhapuri saaj is made up of different designs of leaves and carvings in it. small pendants having different designs are strung with a big ruby pendant. Here is the info about typical kolhapuri saaj.

Due to cost factor into consideration, gold plated Kolhapuri saaj are also available. You will find lot of shops in Gujri road Kolhapur.


Kolhapur Milk place:

In Kolhapur city, a place called Gangavesh is very famous for milk place. Here customer gets fresh milk where farmer milks the buffalo and cow in the presence of the customer. Visitors enjoy this fresh milk providing facility of Kolhapur. Wrestlers in Kolhapur have a special liking for this milk.




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