Top 5 places to taste Authentic Misal in Kolhapur

Phadtare Misal

Phadtare Misal is a  famous kolhapur misal and must visit place in the city.

It is started in the year 1968.

Located in Udyamnagar area (2.5 km from bus stand) , this misal centre is always crowded and one has to wait before getting the place to sit and eat kolhapur misal.

The misal available here is one of its kind and made with groundnut oil.

As it serves to so many customers, the process of making the misal begins early in the morning at 5 am every day.

Despite the increase in demand, the timings have been kept the same from 9 am to 2 pm.

The special Jain missal, which is made without onion and garlic, is also available on weekends.

Bawada Misal in Kolhapur

It is one of the oldest misal hotels in Kolhapur. The hotel is named Bawada Misal as it is located in the Kasba-Bawada area in Kolhapur. It is started in the year 1923.

In the hotel, a wall is dedicated to the pictures of actors and sportsmen who have visited the hotel to taste misal in the past 50 years.

The hotel has also maintained 227 notebooks of customer feedback, in which people from all around the world have praised the taste of this kolhapur misal.

Khasbaug Misal Kolhapur

Hotel Khasbaug is located opposite to the Khasbaug Ground. Khasbaug misal is very famous from film stars to wrestlers to celebrities whoever visits the Kolhapur city.

The spices required to make the missal are made in the eatery itself for the last 70 years and due to this Kolhapur Khasbaug Misal has a very unique taste.

It is started in the year 1945

Aahar Misal

The Aahar missal is spicier than the rest and accompanied by traditional Tea in Kolhapur.

The Hotel Aahar is located at Mangalwar Peth in Kolhapur and is known for its spicy twist to the misal.

Misal eaters prefer a cup of the traditionally made tea.

It is started in the year 1948.

Chorage Misal

The Chorage Misal at Gujari road is just at walkable distance from famous Kolhapur Mahalakshmi temple.

For the last 40 years, the Chorage Misal has become very popular among the devotees who come to visit the temple in Kolhapur.

It is observed that after taking darshan of the Shri Mahalakshmi most of the people visit to enjoy the Chorage Misal.

Though it is famous for being spicy but on demand the hotel serves a less spicy misal with low oil.

It is started in the year 1963

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