Information about Rankala lake Kolhapur

A Rankala Lake is in the heart of Kolhapur city of Maharashtra and it is a manmade lake construction during the supremacy of Maharaja Shri Shahu Chhatrapati.

It is a must visit place whenever you are in Kolhapur city. I enjoy this place because of its scenic beauty and a small walk next to this lake adds a charm to its beauty besides lots of mouth-watering snack stalls like Kolhapuri bhel, Pani Puri, spicy dosa and many more yummy dishes.

I rarely miss a walk on the pathway of the Rankala lake eating roasted corn during monsoon season. Evenings are more charming at Rankala lakeside.

Sometimes I even take a boat ride and have a glimpse of the sunset. Yes, you heard it right; Rankala lake is very famous for boat rides for couples and families.

There is also a park just adjacent to Rankala lake, and it is a wonderful place to spend evening time by watching the lake and eating bhel puri. This park is popular for Families and kids.

Couples take a boat ride deep in the lake watching a sunset and spend a beautiful time.

The Shalini Palace stands on the west bank of this lake. It is built of structured with black stone and Italian marble and now it is converted into a hotel. But recently I heard the hotel is closed for renovations. But you can see the beautiful palace while sitting in the park.

The lake on the west side of the famous Shri Mahalaxmi temple. The lake was earlier used for providing drinking water to Kolhapur city but is now confined mainly to irrigation and recreational use.

Best time to visit Rankala Lake

Every season is best to visit and spend time at the beautiful Rankala Lake because I visited in all seasons and trust me every season has its own charm to look towards the lake.

Even in Monsoon, many people visit, especially when the lake overfills and water comes out as shown in one picture. Even people visit in evenings to taste beautiful snacks during the monsoon.

In summer you can see many people taking boat rides, sitting in the park adjacent to the lake and enjoying delicious snacks.

Entry is free to the lake and park but you need to pay for a boat ride.

Timing to visit Rankala Lake There is no time restriction to visit the lake.


How to reach Rankala lake

Distance from Kolhapur bus stand to a lake is 4 km and you will a lot of city buses to travel to the lake.

Autos are also available but inquire about tariff before boarding. Most of the Auto run on meters.

A Rankala lake is 1.5 km from Shri Mahalakshmi temple. If people take darshan of Shri Mahalakshmi at the evening timings, then some people prefer to walk by watching the market and doing window shopping to reach a beautiful Rankala lake.

People visiting from outside first visit and take darshan of Shri Mahalakshmi Temple and then visit Rankala lake.

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