Statue at Kaneri Math

Information about Kaneri Math

I always tell my friends and colleagues to visit Kaneri Math whenever you are near  Kolhapur city. It is also called a Siddhagiri Gramjivan museum.

If you don’t have time to visit any place in Kolhapur then at least find some time and do visit Kaneri math.

A must visit place near Kolhapur with family and friends.

It is just 14 km from Kolhapur bus stand and in Kaneri math there is “Siddhagiri Museum” and in this Museum you will find very rich cultural Maharashtra heritage which is represented in wax models.

This is the wax model of villagers

When I personally visited this place I was surprised to see these wax models as they represented the real-life examples but difficult to make out the difference between wax models and original.

You will also find a large Desi Cow Goshala (animal shelter house) where you will see India’s best breed cows.

According to various Ayurvedic literature, all products from desi cow are much better and useful than ordinary cow and buffalo.

See the basic introduction video of Kaneri Math near Kolhapur

There is also a residential school which is worth to visit and see how children are nurtured and trained.

Don’t forget to take a look at pure herbal, Ayurvedic and organic products while returning though you will find the prices at the higher level they are worth because personally I bought and used them.

Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum

The museum specifically designed to showcases different aspects of Gramjivan (village life) of Maharastra.

In Marathi language, Gram means village and jivan mean life. This initiative was the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and was created through the vision and efforts of Siddhagiri Gurukul Foundation.

The history of self-sufficient village life in Maharashtra, before the invasion of the Mughals, is represented in the form of cement sculptures and each sculpture is lifelike and represents activities performed in daily village life.

The museum is spread over 7 acres and the surrounding is beautiful with lush greenery.

Every aspect of village life has been shown in almost 80 scenes that showcase more than 300 statues.

Shiva temple at Kaneri Math

Shiva Temple at Kaneri Math

There are lots of cultural rich wax statues to see visit “Siddhagiri Gramjivan Wax Museum” to see more pictures

We all know or at least have an idea of how Shiva temple would be but in this Shiva Temple, the Shivling was installed by a Lingayat Priest in the 14th century on a beautiful hill.

About 100 years ago, another Lingayat Priest, Shree Kadsiddheshwar Maharaj, developed and renovated it, and hence this place is also called Kadsiddheshwar temple.

The temple includes 125 feet deep well, 42 feet Shiva idol, and a large Nandi bull.

Siddhagiri Hospital and Research center

Honestly speaking I have not visited this hospital but came to know, from various resources, that the hospital provides treatments and perform major surgeries at very minimal charges.

The hospital is also having an Ayurvedic center for a lot of basic human health alignments.

I have read that the Ayurvedic center at Kaneri math provides the best treatments.

Watch the video on how the Siddhagiri Hospital is carrying our major surgeries with very low charges

Entry Fees for Kaneri Math

The Entry Fee for Kaneri Math or Siddhagiri math is free but there is an Entry fee of Rs 120 per person if you want to see the Wax museum.

It is really worth to see the Wax museum as all the sculptures look very real and display of all our saints, kings and real village life.

As the Kaneri math is spread across a huge area it would take around 2 to 4 hrs to see in detail.

The Rs 120 per person is for Museum, and there are other sections like a toy train, Bhut Bangla (Ghost House), 7D theatre which also attracts some fees.

According to me, it is a good one day picnic or you can also call it a weekend plan near Kolhapur.

You will find good food joints inside the Math.

How to reach Kaneri Math

Kaneri Math is just 13 km from Kolhapur central bus stand.

If you are coming from Karad, Satara, Pune or Mumbai then you even don’t have to go to Kolhapur city, you can continue on NH4 and drive approximately 10 km and reach Gokul Shirgaon Exit, take right and follow the signs for Siddhagiri Museum (another 5 – 6 km) or you can ask anyone near Gokul Shirgaon.

If you are coming from Karnataka like Belgavi, Dharwad, Hubli or Bangalore then the Kaneri math is before Kolhapur city so you don’t have to go to Kolhapur, you need to reach Gokul Shirgaon ask anyone for directions.

As the place is well known, anyone will guide you.

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